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How to Dynamically Create Thumbnails

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 27/11/2008 beginner tutorials media thumbnail

In this week's screencast, I'll show you how to upload files and then have PHP dynamically create a thumbnail. Whether you're building an ecommerce site, or just a simple gallery, these techniques will absolutely prove to be useful. If you're ready for your "spoonfed" screencast of the week, let's get going!

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Create cropped thumbnails with gdLibrary

in PHP added by PartDigital, on 10/5/2007 cropped gdLibrary image media thumbnail

Cropped thumbnails look much better than images that have simply been resized. Click here to learn how to create a cropped thumbnail with a double border.

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Drop Shadows with GD Library

in PHP added by PartDigital, on 29/4/2007 drop shadow dynamic image media photoshop thumbnail

Learn how to create drop shadows easily with GD Library and Photoshop

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Create Thumbnail Images using PHP

in PHP added by Nolte, on 20/2/2007 dynamic gd2 image media php thumbnail

This tutorial will describe how to create thumbnail images on the fly using PHP. Furthermore you will learn how to process a whole folder of images and create their thumbnails. Since this requires the GD library, you will need an installation of PHP with at least GD 2.0.1 enabled.

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Dynamic Thumbnails from Websites

in PHP added by finalwebsites, on 16/2/2007 file media php thumbnail web service

This tutorial will show you how to create dynamic thumbnails from websites using the thumbnail service Girafa.

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