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PHP Serialization And Recursion Demystified

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 10/9/2009 recursion serialize

PHP has different in-core callbacks able to help us with daily deployment, debug, improvements. At the same time, PHP is loads of intrinsic "gotcha", too often hard to understand, hard to explain, or simply hard to manage. One common problem is about debug, caching, or freezing, and the way we would like to debug, cache, or freeze, variables.

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Working with Directories

in PHP added by Nolte, on 22/2/2007 directories file handling iterators php php5 recursion

As is necessary for any language, PHP has a complete set of directory support functions. PHP gives you a variety of functions to read and manipulate directories and directory entries. Like other file-related parts of PHP, the functions are similar to the C functions that accomplish the same tasks, with some simplifications. This tutorial describes how PHP handles directories. You will look at how to create, remove, and read them.

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