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BDD in PHP with Behat

in PHP added by lornajane, on 7/8/2011 PHPUnit advanced tutorials bdd behat php5 tdd techportal unit testing

Great article showing how BDD can be more intuitive than TDD, and showing you how to get started. The author, Marcello Duarte, is the lead developer of PHPSpec and an experienced software project lead and trainer

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Unit Testing Databases with Zend Framework

in PHP added by lornajane, on 7/12/2010 PHPUnit advanced tutorials database database testing php5 unit testing

A detailed tutorial on using PHPUnit and Zend Framework to test operations produce the expected database results. The post gives a great background to the technique, walks you through it piece-by-piece, and offers the full code to download from github which you can use for yourself - nicely done!

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An Introduction to the Art of Unit Testing in PHP

in PHP added by CalEvans, on 4/12/2007 PHPUnit beginner tutorials simpleTest testing

Testing is an essential aspect of developing in any programming language. If you don't test your source code then how can you verify it works as expected? Manual testing can only be performed irregularly and usually only in limited ways. The answer to testing source code regularly, and in depth, is to write automated tests which can be frequently executed. In PHP such tests are usually written using a unit testing framework, a framework which allows the source code of any application or library to be tested as isolated units of functionality such as a single class or method. As unit testing has gained popularity, it has become a standard practice in PHP with libraries and frameworks such as Swiftmailer, the Zend Framework and Symfony all requiring unit test coverage of their source code.

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Acceptance Testing of Web Applications with PHP

in PHP added by CalEvans, on 6/7/2007 PHPUnit Selenium advanced tutorials unit testing

In this article I introduce the topic of Acceptance Testing (aka Functional Testing), something more PHP programmers should be starting to practice. I'm sure many of us are well aware of Unit Testing and even Integration Testing so where does this third wheel come into play for web applications given our growing obsession with Web 2.0 and AJAX and how does it differ from the former two practices? Below I'll explain this. I will also introduce how to implement Acceptance Testing using the killer combination of PHPUnit and Selenium.

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