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Tutorial: How to Create a Zip File with PHP / MySQL

in PHP added by anthonydamasco, on 3/4/2011 CMS export mysql zip

Recently I added a function to a CMS that I have been evolving to meet the needs of ereads.com. I needed to allow users to select items (in this case ebooks) from the system and then export files that are attached to the books. So lets get started!

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PHP array pagination

in PHP added by python, on 3/4/2011 CMS array content flat file pageinate pages pagination

Pagination is widely used in database systems but is often not considered for flat file systems. This tutorial will teach you how to offer pagination for simple and complex PHP arrays.

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Upload images for usage in TinyMCE

in PHP added by finalwebsites, on 7/8/2009 CMS images tinymce upload

TinyMCE is a great online WYSIWYG editor which is used for a lot of projects. If you don't like the commercial file manager by moxiecode, this tutorial is for you. Using the advanced image functions in TinyMCE and the upload class from finalwebsites.com it's possible to create a simple function to insert uploaded images into your content windows of TinyMCE.

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Build a Featured Posts Section for WordPress

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 12/8/2008 CMS wordpress

WordPress is awesome. Even more awesome is the fact that it can be customized to power any type of site you like! Here, we'll be learning how to create a featured and "latest posts" section - easily a 'must-have' for all good News/Magazine themes. We'll also go over using the 'Custom Fields' to their fullest potential.

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Adding a WYSIWYG Editor To Your Site

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 21/12/2006 CMS WYSIWYG content management

Turn your (or your customer's) site into a CMS! The ability to edit your site in WYSIWYG fashion is easier than you might think, and that is what this tutorial will address in 3 easy steps. No more uploading changes to your site. Edits can be made online from any location.

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Creating a PHP-Based Content Management System

in PHP added by goodphptutorials, on 9/12/2005 CMS articles content management management templates

If you're going to run an intranet site, then you'll probably want a content management system (CMS)

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